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Client Acquisition and Retention Solutions

Fi-Soft’s fully integrated solutions can distinguish your organization from the competition by providing unique, business essential functions to your clients. Whether your clients need QuickBooks solutions, inventory control software, online payroll, or fully integrated e-commerce solutions, we can help. Our solutions have been specifically designed to enable your organization to attract and retain long-term clients with comprehensive business offerings.

We do this by offering seamless integration between your organizations products and services, and your clients’ e-commerce and accounting systems. Imagine being able to offer your clients a solution that seamlessly integrates their critical processes, while also streamlining their business workflow.

Of course with Fi-Soft’s entire family of products and services to choose from, your organization can also easily generate additional sales. This allows you to further establish a unique, long-term relationship with your clients.

Best of all, Fi-Soft can provide our integrated solutions without increasing your overhead or administrative costs. That’s because our solutions are fully deployed and supported by experienced Fi-Soft consultants.

Fi-Soft offers a variety of products and services that can be customized to the specific needs of your organization. Some of our more popular partnership opportunities include:

  • Resale of existing Fi-Soft products
  • Integration of new products or services
  • Creation of custom product and service bundles for your organization

If your organization is ready to distinguish itself from the competition and develop lasting client relationships, we invite you to consider a partnership with Fi-Soft. Contact us at 1-877-347-6381 to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

How Fi-Soft Helps Your Business

QuickBooks Training

One-on-one QuickBooks training. Live webinars for small groups. On-site training at your office.

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Fishbowl Inventory

Compatible with QuickBooks. Simplify inventory management. Get accurate cost and reports.

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QuickBooks Custom Reports

Your business success depends upon having access to accurate, up-to-date information. Let Fi-Soft provide you with customized reports that can help you streamline your business and improve your bottom line.

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