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Do you love your office computers?

Fi-Soft Office Cloud SolutionTired of the cost and frustration of managing computers, servers, software, and backups? We have a better solution for your business. Let us take your office into the cloud and save you time, money, and frustration. Fi-Soft Cloud Services is a full service hosting solution that will let you focus on your business instead of IT headaches. Provided in conjunction with our data center partners, our service is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

No matter what your business, computing, or security needs you have, we can provide a complete turnkey solution for your company. Typical services can include application hosting, personalized digital desktops, digital servers, dedicated servers, Web Hosting, .net hosting, POP Email, Exchange Email Hosting, and much more. Fi-Soft Cloud Services can also host Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Programs so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing Microsoft Licenses and updates.

Accessibility:  With just a few clicks from any Internet connected computer, you can access your Digital Desktop and business information from anywhere, at any time. Users simply login, download a small client (one time), and then put in their username and password to securely access their personal desktop.

Maintenance:  Fi-Soft Cloud Services provides and maintains all the servers and IT infrastructure needed to make operating your business in the cloud simple, affordable, and secure. When you utilize Fi-Soft Cloud Services, the monthly fee for our Cloud Service is known up front. No surprises or unexpected costs to your IT budget.

Redundancy:  Fi-Soft Cloud Services utilizes redundant servers and a backup system so that if any part of our server farm goes down, we can immediately switch our clients to another server while we repair the problem. If you have only one server or backup in your office and anything goes wrong, your complete office goes down until you can get someone to repair it.

Security Services:

  • Hosting and information secured in a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center on redundant servers and server farms – significantly safer than in your own office or home.
  • Firewall security services including intrusion prevention, virus, adware, spyware, browser and spam protection.
  • Server security services including virus, adware and spyware protection.
  • A customizable Digital Desktop to meet client specifications for the client as a whole, and for each individual user’s security, accessibility, programs, printing and emails.
  • Login through Citrix, which provides a secure thin client for any Operating System, auto-creation of local printers and access to the Digital Desktop from anywhere with a viable Internet Connection.

Data Management Services:

  • Daily incremental and weekly full backups
  • Archiving training and support
  • Data Storage (on and off site) (SAS70 – Type 2 Audit Compliant)
  • IT Planning and Maintenance support for hosted clients
  • Guaranteed Uptime and System Maintenance

IT/Technical Support Services:

  • 24/7 technical and network support for hosted desktops
  • Application updates and upgrades
  • Shadowing technology to enable us to train and show users how to use their desktops more effectively.

License Management Services:

    • All Microsoft Server and User licenses, updates and upgrades
    • All Citrix Server and User licenses, updates, and upgrades
    • Client must own or lease rights to any additional proprietary software requested for Digital Desktop Hosting.


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