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Microsoft Office – Anytime, Anywhere Access In The Cloud

Microsoft Office provides a collection of the most productive business applications available. From word processing to spreadsheets and presentations, professionals rely on Microsoft Office to help keep their business operations running smoothly. Now you can leverage the power of Microsoft Office from anywhere you have an internet connected device by utilizing Fi-Soft’s Cloud Services.

Increase Productivity With Fi-Soft’s Cloud Services

Fi-Soft’s Cloud Services include customizable virtual desktops for your staff. Designed for the unique needs of each user, you can now access or collaborate with Microsoft Office applications in real-time from anywhere with an internet connected device. Today, many business work outside a physical office or have remote staff. Trying to get critical documents, presentations, or other files while you are away from your desktop office computer can be a difficult challenge. Now, however, with Fi-Soft’s Cloud Services, you can easily access those important documents and applications by simply logging into your virtual desktop via the internet.

Leave Your Office Desktop And Files Behind

It never fails to happen…you’re away from the office and something goes wrong. You don’t have access to your desktop computer and the critical information you need. With Fi-Soft’s Cloud Services, you don’t have to worry. You’re no longer restricted to a specific computer. Simply log into your virtual desktop with any web capable device and have complete access to your applications and files.

Protect Your Data And Stop Wasting Money On Software And Computers

Have you ever noticed how quickly computers start slowing down and then become obsolete? Or that the software you just purchased is now being replaced by a newer version? It can be a never ending financial drain on your company to buy and maintain computer hardware and software. With Fi-Soft Cloud Services, you can stop the IT hassles and avoid constantly buying new computers and software. Because your applications and data are in the cloud, they are running on a fast, secure, and fully maintained environment. Your Microsoft Office applications will be fully maintained for you. We even offer licensing options that allow you to have your Microsoft Office automatically upgraded to the latest version by our team of professionals. Fi-Soft Cloud Services takes the unpredictable, high cost of IT and software, and replaces it with a low cost, flat monthly fee. You’ll be able to budget for your IT and software now all while saving time, money, and headaches.

Data Protection and Security

Fi-Soft Cloud Services utilizes comprehensive data protection and backup services. All of your data is protected by multiple security protocols, full time staff, and backups that run automatically and are then spread across multiple secure data center locations. The security and backups provided by our Cloud Service will far exceed what is found in a typical office environment. In the unlikely case of a catastrophic event, you can be rest assured that your data will be protected and easily restored for your access.

If you would like to see a live demo of our Cloud Service or need additional information, please contact our office at 281-401-8103.

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