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Fi-Soft Business Portal FAQs

How does the integration with QB Online work?

Fi-Soft provides an automated two way sync with your QB Online data. The system will automatically sync the data both ways every 5 minutes or you may click the sync button to do an immediate sync.

What type of transactions are integrated between the Fi-Soft Business Portal and QB Online?

Currently we sync invoice transactions. The transactions can either be initiated by the merchant or the merchant can email an invoice with payment link to their customers. Once payment has been received with either method, both QB Online and Fi-Soft are automatically updated.

We also sync customer data. This means you can add or modify customer account data in either QB Online or Fi-Soft. Fi-Soft also allows you to create or modify invoices without needing to be in QB Online.

Do I have to be logged into QB Online when processing transactions?

No. Payment transactions are processed within Fi-Soft and will automatically update QB Online without you being logged into QB Online.

How many users can work in the Fi-Soft Business Portal?

Fi-Soft starts as a one user license. If you need to have additional users access the system, you can add them for a small additional monthly fee.

My Fi-Soft sync screen shows as “disconnected”. How do I resolve this?

Simply re-enter your QB Online Master Admin login credentials when prompted. QB Online may ask for you to re-authorize Fi-Soft to interact with your file. Please authorize and then you can click the sync button to restart the sync.

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